Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rained Out

When Delaney finally got up this afternoon, I snagged him for some tennis. The last month has been crazy and we haven't gotten out to play, so I decided this was a good day with Kendall at Girl Scouts. We packed up around five and drove out to a local high school.

Rain was threatening and we could see lightening in the distance, but I was hoping we'd get 30 minutes or so in before it hit. We started to play, wind blowing and it was hard. So after 5-10 minutes, I moved to just hitting balls from the net at Delaney so he could get some practice and skill. 10 minutes after that it was starting to rain, and rain hard, with big, fat raindrops. We packed up and ran for the car.

What did my boy and I do, with about 90 minutes before scouts? We went to the library ;)

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