Friday, July 8, 2011

Book #28 - Fifth Avenue

51BmOi1LdxL._AA115_Fifth Avenue was a top rated free book on Amazon one day, so I grabbed it. It’s the story of high finance and real estate in New York, with one billionaire achieving his dream of opening a building on fifth avenue. At the opening day, there’s an explosion, nearly killing George Redman’s daughter. She survives, and they suspect Louis Ryan, a fellow billionaire developer that hates Redmond and thinks Redman killed his wife years ago.

The book moves through a series of scenes, with Ryan trying to exact revenge on Redman with the help of a hired mercenary. We have Redmond trying to close a big deal, his one daughter raped and then hired by Ryan. The other daughter killed, the rapist, an employee of Redmond, is fired, tries to have the daughter killed, but is then pursued by the daughter’s mob friend.

It’s a wild ride, with lots of characters, drugs, sex, and twists along the way. It’s also fairly predictable and the writing is a little shallow, though fill of excitement. It’s just $0.99 on Amazon, so worth the ebook price, but I’d be disappointed a bit if I paid the $10 paperback price.

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