Monday, July 18, 2011

Alone again

Sad smile

Tia left this morning for a horse trip up in the mountains. She’s planned this most years, going for a week with a few other horse ladies to some place in the US. This year it’s north of Glenwood Springs, CO, and she won’t be back until Friday.

I got up early, helped her pack a few things, and had a few minutes with her before she life. This after me getting home Sat night, and both of us being busy yesterday with various things. It’s a chaotic crazy life here, but once she gets back Friday, it slows down for a few weeks.

Our crazy life this weekend resulted in:

  • me arriving home around 3:30pm Sat to find only Delaney
  • going to pick up Kendall from her granddad’s at 5:00
  • coming home to see Tia at 6:00
  • falling asleep around 7:30pm
  • waking up to find Tia gone at 6:30am Sunday
  • going back to sleep and waking up at 8:30 to find Tia asleep again (her horse thing canceled)
  • going to run at 9:30 for my black belt test
  • coming home at 11:00 to find Tia having a lesson with a client. I hung out a bit, then left at 12:30 to go get Kendall.
  • I get back around 2:00 and Tia’s leaving for a ride. That’s OK because I’m leaving at 2:15 for baseball
  • I get home around 8:30, watch Kendall ride a little, Tia’s doing chores, so I hang with Kendall a bit.
  • Kids go to bed around 10:30, Tia and I have an hour to chat, but we’re both tired.
  • Up at 7am Mon to help Tia pack and spend a few minutes with her before she leaves.

I sooooo need life to slow down for a week or two.

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