Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Broncos are Back!

After dropping Kendall off at camp today, I wandered over to the Broncos facility to see the first day of training camp. Arriving 1/2 hour after things started, I was surprised how many people were there, with the parking lots packed.


I’ve been to training camp 4 or 5 years, and it’s always neat to see guys working on drills. Gets me excited for the season. I’ve never been on day 1, and wasn’t sure how advanced they’d be, but I got there just after some stretching (and warm-up) and they were going right at it.


I was closest to the offense, standing in the shade on the hill. I saw a number of receiver drills, as well as QBs working on their throws and handoffs. There was some contact down at the other end of the field with lineman, but for the most part I watched routes with a little 7 on 7, and a touch of 11 on 11 near the end.

Bailey looked pretty good on coverages, though most of the routes were short ins or outs, and no CB looks good on those, unless he’s guessing and jumping routes.

There were 4QBs rotating in. Orten, Quinn, Tebow, and another guy wearing #2.

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