Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Morning Rows

I got up and went for a run this am in the park near the hotel. Yesterday I did two loops around Jesus Green, and started today, but when I got to the far side, I saw the park on the other side of the road, and decided to cross and run around that park as well. I successfully made it across the road with cars driving on the wrong side before starting a loop over there.

It was nicer running in the park this morning, with a few other joggers and dog walkers along with a few people starting their morning bike commutes. Yesterday was busy, with lots of kids and people in the park, and more dodging them. Today was relaxing, moving around easy without the need to do more than just run. As I got to the far side, I started back along the river, seeing the houses on the far side with big roll up doors. They reminded me of boat houses, and as I got close, I realized that they were.

Most were closed up, but as I got near the edge of the park, a few were open with a couple of single or double groups getting oars out and a large group stretching next to another. 7:40am, a late start for a crew, but it’s a quiet river so it doesn’t likely matter. Not sure how easy it would be to pass on this stretch, but it brought back memories of early morning runs and rows in college.

I miss those days, and wish we lived closer to some water where I could row. However the only place near me is easily 40 min away, and I’d have to be on and off the water by 8 since so many boats get on there in the summer.

Maybe one of these days.

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