Thursday, July 7, 2011

Growing Up

Last night Kendall wanted to go see the new Transformers movie. I was tired, and Tia was asleep (this was 5:30), and I told her tonight wouldn’t work because I was going to hit karate. She wasn’t happy, but after a few minutes she had another solution.

She brought me the iPad and asked if I’d check times. She said she’d try to convince Delaney to go and if she was successful, would I drop her off at the movie with him. I saw there was a 6:35 (I had a 7:00 class) and agreed. So she asked him and he agreed. He needed to get clean and they needed to eat, so as I headed downstairs I told Delaney to shower and went to cook some dinner for them.

They ate and we headed out at 6:15 in the rain, arriving just in time to get them to the movie. I paid for tickets and left them some money for snacks before heading to class. I had a great workout, and then went and got a little food while I waited for them. I picked them up and came home, a good night for all.

Though I was a little jealous. I like the Transformers and would like to see the movie.

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