Friday, July 22, 2011


My job this week has been to take care of horses while Tia has been gone. Throwing hay, watching water is easy, though I let the water bucket get low for the one horse in jail this week. Colo is locked away since he’s new and Tia’s gone and while he had a couple inches of water last night, he drank it all last night and was looking for more this morning. He couldn’t wait for me to fill his bucket today, drinking from one side, warily watching the hose filling it on the other.

Part of the job this week has been playing vet to Starlet. I only do a minimal amount, spreading cream on her wound, like this:


That picture got a lot of funny comments from people this week on Facebook and Twitter, which was fine. I was nervous getting started, but it’s gotten better, and Starlet is looking good. You can hardly see things here:


And if I pull the tail back, it still looks bad, but much, much better than it did a month ago.


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