Monday, July 11, 2011

A Long Day

I got upgraded on the way here, using some mileage to get a first class ticket from Denver to Washington DC and then a business class ticket to London. I ran early, and was planning on relaxing on the plane and, hopefully, getting some sleep.

A few glasses of wine on each leg helped, but a seat that reclines to a bed, is, well, still a seat that’s reclined. It went flat, but it was hard to sleep since around 8:30EST after I’d eaten, it was still 6:30pm Denver time. I managed to drift off for awhile, but not a lot. I woke up about 40 min before landing to a breakfast of fruit, and a headache. Apparently my attempts to drink some wine to sleep didn’t really help, even with lots of water. I also was flying backwards, facing the rear of the plane. It wasn’t horrible for the trip, but takeoff and landing were weird. Not sure I like that.

I was definitely more rested than previous trips in coach, but not anywhere near rested. Immigration and customs were quick, but it was a long ride to Cambridge in Monday morning traffic, and I dozed, the iPod playing in my ear. The hotel didn’t have my room ready, and I was zonked, so I sat in their lobby, reading a bit with a cup of coffee before venturing out for ibuprofen. I got some, had a sandwich, and came back to find a room, where I crashed for a couple hours. I was thinking one hour, but it was almost impossible to get up.

Finally I did, pulled on my shoes, and went for a run. That definitely helped, and I feel almost normal now. Hopefully I’ll get to sleep and then be able to start a normal week tomorrow. Or normal time at least. I have meetings all day, which is not one of my favorite things.

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