Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book #29 - Hell’s Corner

I grabbed Hell’s Corner as an actual physical book while flying back from the UK. It continues the story of the Camel Club, though I haven’t read the previous ones in some time, so I was slightly lost with a few of the references to past events.
In this one Stone is called before the President, tasked with an assignment that will help the US and also clear his name. He’ll be left alone by the government, and it’s also a bit of a penance for killing two of the previous “bad guys” in the administration.
That same night, he returns to Lafayette Park and witnesses 4 people in the park, strange for late at night. The UK Prime Minister is leaving the White House, going to Blair House, when there’s gunfire in the park, and then a bomb explodes. Stone awakens in the hospital and gets re-tasked to an investigation with a UK spy.
The book flows smoothly, mostly about Stone and his British partner with the Camel Club relegated to a back seat in the plot. This book reminds me of an Ian Fleming, or a Ludlum spy novel with twists and turns, and us never quite knowing what is happening as Stone ruthlessly pursues the book to it’s final scenes in Murder Mountain.
A great read, one I couldn’t put down on the plane.

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