Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 Dollars

Tia, I, and her sister-in-law and fiancé played poker last night, part of the last night they were in town. It was the first time for Tia’s sister, so we went slow, working out the game of Texas Hold’em, playing for chips. However we did agree that the high winner at the end of the night would win the pool we set up, each contributing a dollar.

We somewhat went around, back and forth, with each of us winning a few hands in a row to go up, and then someone else winning big. Finally as it was getting late, Alex (fiancé in law), went all in with his $47 of chips. I was sitting on 2 pair, so I matched, as did Tia. I ended up winning, having 2 pair that was only slightly higher than Tia’s 2 pair and raked in the chips.

We only played a couple more hands after that, and so I was the big winner at the end of the game. I woke up this morning to find two $1 bills sitting in front of the seat where I’d played. Tia hasn’t paid up, but since we share money that’s not a big deal.

It was funny to see the money sitting there, and it made me smile as I brewed coffee.

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