Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pounding down the riverside

I struggled to get up this am, just like struggling to sleep last night. This 7hour difference is messing with my schedule. Fortunately I had an extra half hour of time to sleep and I used it all snoozing the alarm 5 or 6 times. Finally I was up, pulled on shorts and shoes, and headed out.

I decided to cruise along the riverside this am (, hoping to see some rowers out this morning. I saw a few getting ready yesterday, but no one on the water. Today as I jogged alongside the river on my way to the Cambridge Museum of Technology, I saw a double practicing (scull) and then a men’s four cruising along. I was thinking it was a quiet morning, but then saw a couple of 8s coming back down the river, heading to their boathouses.

varsity_roofIt brought back memories of me rowing, with a little time in the 6 spot in an 8, and the 3 spot in a 4 for a couple years, working hard and enjoying the sweep rowing. I never was much of a sculler, but if I lived near water, I think I’d have to learn.

It was chilly, with the wind blowing, and not a day I’d normally like, but it was nice to go along the river and do an out and back. After last evening, when we were enjoying these views from the roof of the Varsity Hotel, the manager was chatting with us. He’d actually gone to college with my CEO And was saying that the river was a good run, with a long path to cruise along.

So I tried it, enjoying the scenes, not dodging too many bikes, and keeping an eye on the path, trying not to turn an ankle or stumble on the asphalt. Definitely not the smooth, concentration-less run I normally have, but a nice way to start the day.

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