Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ten Years Old

Hard to believe that Kendall is 10 years old. Her birthday was last week and we took the whole family and aunt and uncle to Dave and Busters last Sunday. Kendall enjoyed dinner with us all at what has become a bit of a tradition for her.


After dinner we wandered around playing games. She has a whole routine of things she wants to do. We typically go to a horse race first where we compete against each other, rolling balls into holes to move the horses along. We split a pair of races, her and I.


After that we did a little skee ball before heading over to the slot-machine-like coin roller where we get tickets for knocking coins off a ledge. Kendall and I have gotten pretty good at it and racked up over 1,000 tickets with the $20 we spent. Not a great bargain, but it’s fun.

Then it’s horse racing, this time in a virtual game. We had to wait a bit because the 8 machines were packed with adults, but Kendall was willing to do so and we finally got in there to race a few times.


A late night, back home after 10, and the kids were tired all week.

We had planned a party with her friends for last night at Pump It Up. We headed over there in the early evening, me with a car full of kids.


Not my favorite commute, but not too bad. The kids got to jump and play, running all around burning energy before coming into the party room for pizza, cake, and presents.


Kendall had this amazing cake, made by a friend of ours. We sent her a picture and she did this:



Very cool. Afterwards, posing for a picture before coming home where I crashed and Kendall had a couple friends sleeping over.


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