Sunday, May 8, 2011

Squeek’s Soda Shop

The Girl Scouts headed down to Colorado Springs this morning to the Squeek Soda Shop. I’m not sure how they found this place, but it was their trip after selling enough Girl Scout cookies to pay for it.

It’s a little shop in a plaza near a library, and evidently fairly popular. Quite a few people stopped in while we were there. It’s colorful, murals on the wall, and built somewhat like an old fashioned soda shop, but with more modern décor.


The girls arrived early for a private mixology class with the owner, who had them taste selzer water, simple syrup, various acids, and then flavors, showing them how to mix them up.


The kids had a good time, working their way through the different courses. Delaney got to participate as well and was very careful in his measurements.


The kids each got to pick their flavor at the end, along with a color and create their own mix of flavors. Delaney went for a cream soda, and Kendall some blue concoction, cotton candy I think. They were very proud of themselves, enjoying their sodas while they ate lunch.


I wandered around, amazed at the various selections of soda, and a wall of candy. With popcorn and ice cream, it’s the spot where I am sure many kids would want to hang out.


They even had a display where you could smell different flavors and help you to make a selection.


The décor was neat, and they had a great artist for the walls. Lots of fun sayings like this along painted in places, including the bathroom. A very cool time for all.


After lunch, a little Wii for Kendall and friends before we packed up to come home.


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