Saturday, May 28, 2011


After running errands with Tia, it was a day to fix a few things around the house. First was the microwave. Tia and I had purchased a new one the other day and I ordered the install, but at $130, it bothered me. So I asked her if we could try it and get the microwave installed this weekend and then cancel the install next week.

We unscrewed the old one and it came out easy after lunch. The old bracket looked OK, and since there were already about 6 holes in the tile behind the microwave, we decided to see if the new one could reuse anything.


It's about 1.5" taller, so the bracket is lower. That meant we had to line up new holes and drill them out. I found out that my metal/wood bits don't do so well on ceramic and I could feel my back cramping from pushing. I've got the start of blisters on my hands as well, but I got three holes drilled and the bracket up. Next we drilled holes in the top, using the template, but things didn't line up. In fact, we had to use a file to make the holes wide, which made us nervous, but it seemed to work OK and after lifting the new oven up there 3 or 4 times, we had it installed and it worked. Hot water in a glass was our test and then we walked away after cleaning things up.

It was still early, so I went out to get Tia's running boards on. I'd looked at directions the other day and it didn't seem hard, but I've thought that before. This time, however, I was right. A few u-bolts into holes under the rocker panel and then bolt on 4 brackets and then the board. Much smoother than I thought. I'd have gotten the second one done, but everyone wanted to go play tennis, so we headed out for some silly double tennis with the little ones.

A good day, lots done, but I am beat. Another running board tomorrow, but other than that I'm thinking to take it easy.

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