Monday, May 16, 2011

Caps or no caps?

This piece seems to wander back and forth, talking about the arguments for an against bandwidth caps.

I am for no caps. I know that when I have had plans that limited bandwidth, I would be very hesitant at all to click on anything, or download anything. Because it’s too hard to keep track of a cap. Now if a cell OS could send me a daily report, or let me know in an easy way when I’m doing something with a lot of bandwidth, I’d be interested.

However I do see that there is this concern that lots of bandwidth is being used for trivial things like YouTube videos. And I can see that someone downloading 2GB+ a month is likely doing a lot more leisure activity than productive work. Not always, but potentially.

It’s a tough issue, and one I’m not sure about. Instead of caps, or QOS limits, I think I’d rather see telcos reverse things and allow someone to pay for QOS for traffic. Want phone service, pay some nominal amount to get bandwidth guarantees for voice. Or some minimum amount for data. We all do share the pipes, so potentially this might just “slow down” the traffic for the high video/torrent people if enough of their neighbors are paying for minimum bandwidth.

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