Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sick Kid

Calls from school during the day are never good. It’s either behavior or health, and neither of those are something a parent wants to hear.

Kendall was complaining about a scratch in her throat last night. We thought she’d eaten something that irritated her throat and it would be better in a day or so. Not much you can do if you get a cut in your mouth. This morning she said her throat still hurt in that spot, which was in the back of her mouth on the roof, but I still wasn’t sure there was much I could do.

She called around noon today, as I was out getting a haircut, saying that she was miserable in school and not feeling good. When I called back, they thought with her symptoms that she was coming down with a cold. I went and picked her up, found her nose running and her throat hurting, and a generally sad expression on her face. She’s normally a happy kid, so I’m sure something is wrong.

Brought her home and she jumped into PJs and bed. Hopefully this is a little cold that goes away quickly.

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