Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Spring Concert

The kids are sounding better in Delaney’s 7th grade Orchestra class. I know because he had a concert last week. He arrived at the bus stop on Wednesday afternoon with his cello. I asked him why it was coming home (it usually doesn’t) and he said he had a concert that night. Nice notice!

Apparently he had told Tia, but I wasn’t in the loop and she was in Jacksonville. With a sick Kendall, we got prepared to go, getting homework and dinner out of the way early. Another joint concert with the high school orchestra, which means long. Still, Delaney’s group did three pieces that sounded OK. I have high hopes for him continuing to high school and learning to play much better.


They did three pieces again, and then a combined piece with the high school. I didn’t record the combined one because the stage was so busy and Delaney was buried behind people in that one. However he was concentrating quite a bit on the others. I’ve uploaded two of the pieces and thought they sounded pretty good.

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