Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am falling apart a bit. Or it feels that way. Working through class last night and jogging the last couple days, my lower back, upper glute is sore where the baseball hit me Sunday. Then I tweaked my left ankle a little at the game chasing grounders. So it’s sore. That’s on top of my already sore right knee and ankle and lower left back.

I don’t think the running has been a problem, but I am getting older and the constant activity is wearing me down. I have 3 months to go to the black belt test and I think I need to push through that, but perhaps slow down on other activity, and run a little less. As much as I like to try and get 2 mi in a day, I’m not sure I’m going myself a lot of favors by pushing.

Definitely am considering going to the “exercise every day” instead of run every day after July. I would like to get back and do some swimming and get other activity in my life as well as some longer runs without worrying about pushing too hard.

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