Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Moderate Republican

It seems that my feeds are full of political stuff today. I found this item, noting Obama is acting as a moderate Republican from the last decade. I tend to agree with it, and it has felt like the GOP is shifting further to the right, not maintaining and fighting for their beliefs.

In fact, it seems that the party line in the US these days is opposition. We don’t have strong feelings about a particular position, we just want to oppose the other guy, no matter how we have to shift to do it.

It’s one reason I think I found myself shifting to a more Libertarian position in the last ten years and have voted that way a number of times. I like that singular stances they have, unchanging over time, and acknowledging when they agree with the GOP or Dems. I mostly agree with the platform, though I think a few things won’t work. Health care and retirement, left to the individual completely, will fail. We are too human, too unwilling to plan for the future (as a group), and I can see us potentially ending up with a skew of our elderly populations sliding towards the poverty lines.

I wish I had an answer.

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