Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bass Pro Shops

A long day at Bass Pro Shops with the Scouts for a fundraiser. We do 2-3 a year, and they pay for most of Delaney’s dues. It’s a good way for him to fund his scouting stuff, and he’s learned to work well with other kids, learned to work for money, and getting better at cooking.

Today we acted as transport, loading up the Suburban with all kinds of grills, supplies, and stuff needed. Delaney and I packed it up last night after Kendall’s party so it was ready to go this am. Up early, we drove to North Denver to set up for the day.


Delaney did a good job getting things set up with the other kids. There were 4-5 adults there in the am that helped us get everything ready to go and about an hour after we arrived, we were cooking. Delaney spent a bunch of time early as the grill master.


He seemed to enjoy that and I think he can finally be trusted to cook hot dogs and hamburgers on his own. Not that I’ll let him when I’m around since I like it, but he’s qualified if we need him. After a shift on the grill, he went inside to help do demos for customers. I didn’t wander in, but wish I had. Apparently they were showing how to use a compass and it was a steady stream of people stopping by to see the scouts do their thing.

Most of my day was this:


Another parent and I working the Dutch Ovens, which I like. We made cherry and apply cobbler, 15 batches throughout the day and they went over well. People enjoyed them and lots of questions about how to make it and how to use a Dutch Oven. Always fun.


Hard work, lots of bending over, and I was definitely a little tired and sore at the end. We packed up at 4 and headed home, a good day’s work behind us.

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