Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book #10 - Awakening

resurrectionThe second part of the Kindle pack of the Spinward Fringe book 1 and 2 is Awakening. It continues the story and in the Kindle pack, I wasn’t even aware I’d jumped to the next book. It transitioned seamlessly since I didn’t’ have to pick up a new book. Very cool.

One of the corporations begins trying to create the fourth fall of man. Still not sure what the first three were, but it’s essentially a plan to bring down some of civilization. Meanwhile Jacob finds a conscience, and breaks a contract, freeing a slave ship and starting a war with the corporation that hired him.

He also is killed, only to resurrect here and we find out he’s not really a human, but a framework implanted with memories. The very end has him stealing a Sol ship from one of his enemies, an advanced technological carrier that is an amazing vessel.

I loved this book, loved the characters being developed and then immediately bought book 3 after this one.

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