Thursday, August 19, 2010

Starting College

We moved Kyle in yesterday to his dorm. Life got busy in a hurry, and I had to come home and work late and didn’t post.

But it was exciting.

And cool.

It reminded me of my move into a dorm over 20 years ago at Syracuse University. I’d been up to get oriented in the summer, but my parents drove 10+ hours with me, a load of boxes in the car, and we unloaded lots of stuff into a two person room.

Similar for Kyle, but he’s close and didn’t need as much. He’s also disorganized, so that resulted in one suitcase, one backpack, and a pile of linen. Tia, Kendall, Kyle,and I all fit in the Prius with his stuff. Kind of amazing, though he didn’t have a few things, there’s not much more he needs.

We walked around, checking on finances, getting his ID, his books, and navigating the bureaucracy of the various departments. It felt like a lot, but I think it was fairly smooth as I look back. A few strange things, but maybe that’s the case everywhere.

He has a mini-suite, in a complex just across from Mile High Stadium. He shares a room with someone else (his roommates were out) and they have a bathroom in there. Two of those bedrooms are connected with a small living area (and it’s small for 4 guys) with a mini kitchen, including stove. A much better setup than I had with no kitchen and a bathroom shared with 50 guys.

We took him to get some dinner and then left him there, heading home.

It’s not quite the college experience I had since UC-Denver sits on the edge of downtown, across the street (literally) from the Pepsi Center, and lots of commuter kids. But it’s nice, it’s got the feel of a campus, and it’s got great views. Walking around, seeing the skyscrapers in the background one way, the mountains the other, is very cool.

I’m excited for him, and hope that he’ll do well this year and enjoy it.

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Jacob Woods said...

I have been in my apartment for a week now. I am very excited to be here. I have waited forever to be out on my own as a college student.