Monday, August 16, 2010

Mount Quandry

Tia and the boys set out for Mount Quandry yesterday, one of the 14,000 ft peaks in CO, probably just as I was waking up to run in Baton Rouge. Tia and I have done 2, Kyle 1, and this was a trip for them with me out of town and Kendall camping with friends.

They finished with mixed results. Kyle made it up to the top, by himself, and then went back down to help. Tia turned back because Delaney was sick, altitude sickness, and helped him down. He was ill, and throwing up, even when they got back home at around 8. He lay in our bed, throwing up bile periodically before dropping off the sleep.

Congrats to Kyle. He was excited, and talking about another one last night. Cool to see him excited, and I can understand. It’s a neat feeling to be on top of the tallest mountain around.

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