Monday, August 9, 2010

A Good Night’s Sleep

I knew I was working hard on Saturday. As I got near the far end of the pasture, having moved myself all the way around, pounding in T-posts, I was tired. The last few posts I had to rest a few times in between sledge hammer swings and catch my breath. My hands hurt, and my back was tired.

I thought that the worst part would be my hands, trying to grip a bat on Sunday. I was wrong. My back was a little stiff to start Sunday morning, but felt OK when I went on a short run. However when I went up to bat yesterday, I realized that it was more than that. I struggled to swing, not getting a good turn, and things stiffened more.

Out in center field, chasing a few balls, didn’t help, and while I turned on a ball nicely (long fly out) the second time, I took a swing in my third at bat and it spasmed and a twinge down my leg. I must have really grimaced since the other coach asked if I was all right. I went on, another poor swing and a miss to strike out, and then decided enough was enough. I could have pushed it, but I think I’ve learned to be a little more cautious as I get older. It wouldn’t mean anything even if I went up again and knocked one out of the park. We might win, but it wouldn’t be worth days of pain, and a potential injury.

So I stopped batting as an injury guy, which means my team didn’t take an out for my slot. I continued to play right, switching with another guy since we only had 9, but I didn’t do much, jogging after a bad throw and then after the game winning hit. I had no chance to grab it anyway, but I jogged to get it, saving myself.

It was sore at home, though a beer and some Aleve helped, and stiff and achey when we went to bed after celebrating a birthday with my sister-in-law.

However it’s much better this morning. Definitely stiff and tight, but not sore. It’s a relief to be able to sit, stand, etc. without pain. Just a little tightness.

I’m too old to do a full day’s ranch work now, especially with a desk job. Especially since I don’t do it often enough. I should know better, and just work a bit. I wanted to take advantage of time, but there is no shortage of stuff to do here. I could have easily just done 5 or 6 posts and then some other chores. Hopefully I’ll remember that next time.

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