Saturday, August 21, 2010

Double Play

I couldn’t believe it. We were having a good game in the third inning today. We had shut the other team down for 2 innings, we’d scored 4 or 5 runs, and things were looking good. We got an out and then the bottom fell out. The bases were loaded, one out, and I got a hot, bouncy grounder to third.

The play is supposed to be home, then first. I picked it up across my body, but wasn’t sure I’d make the throw home, essentially over the guy running home. So I kept turning, stepped on third, turned and winged it to first. Double play, no runs, inning over.

I’ve never done that. I’m sure I’ve been a part of a double play as a kid, but never in the last 5 years, at least not outside of playing first, which is just catching the ball. I never played third as a kid, never having an arm strong enough. However earlier this year I tried it and I’ve done OK a few times. I’ve fielded some grounders and thrown people out at second, even threw out a former teammate at first from third.

Today was our third win of the season, and two in a few weeks for me. Kind of amazing since I hadn’t won a game in over a year. I hit better today, feeing confident for some reason. I turned on a couple balls early and hit some long fouls. I relaxed, and went 1-4 with a walk and got on base 3 times. The first at bat wasn’t great, with me swinging and missing on two curves that dropped out in front of the plate for a K, but the catcher missed the ball and I made it to first.

My second time up was a hard hit ball to right, but my right knee was sore, and I took a single instead of trying for a double. I grounded out next and then hit a long foul fly that landed for my last time up, taking a walk in the middle.

The only downsides were a run down where I got it the way of the runner after throwing the ball to second and he got awarded the bag. I also ran up on a bunt, aching the knee more and threw it away at first.

However a solid game for us, and we won. Kind of amazing since this is the 5th place team (we’re 9th) and they crushed us last time.

A good way to finish out the season on our last weekend. Now we play the only team worse than us tomorrow and hopefully I’ll hit better.

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