Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Set of Chores

With Tia and Kendall gone, I decided it was a good day for chores. Tia took our karate stuff in the Prius, so I took advantage of that and got out early. First the store for gas (and coffee of course), and then fixing the flat on the mower. That’s been bugging me, and I had some gel to fix it, but had to remove the core from the tire. With some goo in, I pumped it up and cut the front grass by the house to let it rotate around and settle into the leak.

That done, I filled the mower and ATV after giving Kyle a couple gallons in his car. He was worried about making it back to the gas station when he gets home, so I gave him a buffer. He’s due back today after being in Telluride for a week working and he should be flush with cash. Hopefully it was a good week for him.

I set Delaney doing some laundry then while I headed out to the far pasture in the truck. We had started fencing the other day and got the t-posts on the north side, but I decided to start working my way around. It’s fun, measure, put in a step in post, then back up the truck so I can pound in a t-post.

Drink some water

Walk 100’ with the measuring tape, put in a step post, make sure it’s 17’ from the fence, walk back.

Drive down, back up to the post, get in the bed, pound in the post with a sledge hammer.


17 times.

Whoo, I’m tired. I got them all in, all the way around, and now it’s time to get the step in posts in there. I’ll get Delaney to help in a bit with that, but I left two spots to put in a gate, so I need to get drill holes with the tractor and pour in some cement. Since we’re missing cement and a mixer, I’ll head to the hardware store later to do that, but first some lunch, and I need to run.

Can’t work too hard with a run to do today.

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