Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book #57 - Rusty Nail


I’ve enjoyed the Jack Daniels series, and recently finished the latest book in this series, Cherry Bomb. However that one referenced earlier books, and I searched out Rusty Nail, which is the first time we see Alex Kork.

In this one there’s a video being sent to Jack, one with a house in it she knows well. It’s the house of Charles Kork, the Gingerbread man. When Jack gets to the house, it appears that there’s nothing there, but there are traces of blood, and Jack suspects that Diane Kork, widow of Charles was killed there and moved.

From there the book jumps around as Jack tracks down the rest of the family. There’s Bud, the father that punishes himself, but abused the kids for years and killed other kids with their help. Jack also tracks down the common-law wife, and a common-law stepson. All the while we get some scenes mixed in from Alex Kork’s point of view as she moves around killing some people.

Add in the craziness that Harry McGlade is getting married and wants Jack to be the best man, and this is another zany adventure. As you can expect, Konrath keeps the pace moving, and he has characters getting themselves out of hairy situations, often because of the stupidity of others. He also has Jack and his crew getting themselves into situations because of silly mistakes they make.

A sudden ending, and a happy one in many ways. It’s left somewhat open at the end as Alex goes to prison. I’ll leave out the details, but if you’ve enjoyed the books up to hear, and you should read the others, you’ll find this one just as entertaining.

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