Monday, August 30, 2010

Slowly Back to the Grind

This was one of the weekends where I didn’t really work. I checked email a few times, answered a couple questions, but I knocked off both my newsletters Friday, so I didn’t wake up and actually hit the computer to do some work.

It felt good, and I feel refreshed and ready to work. Mentally that is. Physically I’m sore. I had a massage Friday that loosened up my back, but it was hard, and I still have some bruises where I fell a couple weeks ago, and it was tender over the weekend, and tightened up at night after a day of some work.

I mowed both days for a bit, knocking out about 4 acres of so and the front it starting to look much better. I also ran the weed whacker a bit yesterday, cleaning up the front gate, and then pounded a few posts into the west pasture, trying to get that track finished. A long day yesterday, full of chores, and I was sore and tired. My left arm is definitely sore today, so I’m glad I’m not lifting (yet another thing I need to get going on again).

Back to work, time to write, and hopefully have some fun.

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