Monday, August 23, 2010

Closing the Season

Yesterday was the last baseball game of the year for me. And surprisingly, I’m glad it’s over. As much as I’ve had some fun the last few weeks, and two games this weekend, my body is beat, the quick movements are a strain, and I need a break. I’m looking forward to an off-season and healing for next year.

It seems that I’ve been hurt constantly. I missed 4 innings in a game this year after rolling my ankle (I played another inning) and a 250lb guy falling on my back (I came out immediately). I had a stiff, sore back a few weeks ago after ranch work and ended up coming out of the lineup for injury and not batting. I did the same yesterday in the last inning, though my slot never came up, so it didn’t matter.

I closed out with a great game at third base. I’ve always been hesitant to try to play there, but now I think I’d be up for it, and even for a few innings at SS next year if I can. I had two pop-ups to me (one foul), a liner I caught, fielded two grounders that started double plays. A busy day! My only flaws were a little two close and not getting one ripped down the line. I think it was foul, but it was close.

We got the game close, down by 2, and they loaded the bases. We were out of pitchers, and the guy in there struggling. A grounder that I couldn’t reach, and the shortstop was charging to barehand and missed it.

One run in.

Playing close, the next one was a bouncer, almost the same place. I was closer, and I came in, reached out for it, pulled in to turn and realized the ball wasn’t in my glove. I actually threw my glove at the ground. That was frustrating since I think I could have made the play. The SS said the guy would have been safe, but I would have liked to try. We fell apart, some good hits, and they crushed us by 9.

At the plate I popped out on a high foul, grounded out and walked. Not a great ending to the season, but I’ve struggled to turn on balls the last month or so. A sore back and I just haven’t gotten around cleanly. I’ve also swung under some balls lately, which is mostly a lack of practice on my part. I saw it well yesterday, ripped some fouls, but no clean hits.

All done, and not sure what happens next year. I think this was a good group overall, but a few players unhappy with the manager, so we’ll see if the team splits up next year.

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