Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Growing Up

This week Kyle is gone in Telluride. Not a vacation, he’s working down there. The past few weeks he’s started working for an environmental group in Colorado, going door to door to raise money. I did that for a bit after college, hated it, but understand what he’s doing. It’s been full time work for him, going from about 2pm - 10pm each weekday.

Needless to say it’s been a shock to his schedule, and he’s been gone a lot from home. It’s worn on him, and he’s talked about cutting back a bit. With only two weeks until school, he’ll be cutting back anyway. It’s nice to see him working full time and getting a taste of being an adult.

This week, he gets another taste. He didn’t want to go on this trip, but he ran out of money. As with many entry level jobs, payroll gets delayed, so he’s waiting on a big check for about 3 weeks work. But he’s run out of money. Not even enough money to fund gas to drive to work. Last week I drove him to the light rail one day so he could save some $$$.

He stepped up, acted like an adult, and went on this trip since he needs to work, and he can’t afford to drive. This will let him save some money as they’ll feed him as well this week and so he comes out way ahead.

I’m proud of him, as is Tia, for growing up, accepting the responsibility, and buckling down to work. A nice growth step for him as he moves on with his life.

I think I’ll fill our gas can and add a few gallons to his car so he can get to the gas station when he returns :)

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