Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No More Baby Teeth

36812_1540573483168_1499853552_1383306_6783699_n Delaney lost his last baby tooth today. Actually he didn’t lose it in the normal sense; it was pulled by the dentist. He had one a couple weeks ago at his check-up, but it wasn’t out and the tooth above it was being pushed to the side and potentially going to cause an issue. The dentists said he had a week to get it out, and we should schedule a pulling. We did, getting an appointment about 11 days out.

I’ve reminded him to wiggle it, but it was still there last night, so we headed out at lunch today for the procedure.

They gave him a pill to relax and then hooked him up to Nitrous Oxide to relax him a bit. He had to breathe through his nose, which was a pain. He was nervous, and I sat next to him, holding his hand for 15 or 20 minutes while they get NOS in his system and then numbed his gums.

Then it was about 30sec of wiggling and the tooth came right out. No big deal, despite Delaney being a little anxious when he saw the pliers. He was fine, a little woozy, and we left with him getting better every few minutes. A smoothie helped, but he was tired again when we got home, so he’s napping now.

That’s it for him and now time for a braces evaluation in a few months.

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