Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Day at Breckenridge

We’ve been planning this for two weeks, trying to go up and spend a day at the Breck Fun Park. Both times in the last week Kendall has been gone the day I’ve set aside, so we haven’t been able to make it. However with everyone home last night, I got up early (6:45) and hit the computer to get some work done.

Around 9 we packed up and headed out.

The big attraction for us was the alpine slide, but there were some other things as well that caught the kids’ eyes.


First Kendall wanted to do some gem mining. It’s a preset sluicing from a bag of dirt and gems. Fun for the kids, and at $8, a nice profit center. She dipped in her screen and got a bunch of gems while Delaney and I watched.


After that it was maze time. The maze is pretty big, and while it looks easy,


It’s not. The kids raced in


Trying to find some hole punchers that were spread out and spelled the word “M-A-Z-E”. If you found all of them inside of 10 minutes, you got a little prize. The kids didn’t realize that the first time, and didn’t punch their cards in or out. I’m glad the kid working there gave them another chance since there wasn’t much signage.

Actually they close in a few weeks and you can see that everyone working there is tired of it. No energy, not enthusiasm.


The kids had fun going through the maze, and I helped direct them from the platform on one side. Delaney finished in 8 minutes, but Kendall got a little lost and took a touch over 10. Not a big deal, because then it was time for the main attraction.



We rode the chair lift up and grabbed some sleds. We waited in line, getting instructions for the sleds. It’s simple. Pull to stop, push to go, and we were ready.


The three of us rode in sequence the first time. They send you ever couple minutes, and Delaney raced down. There was a long delay after Kendall, and I raced after her. At first I was a little worried about hitting corners at top speed, and thought I might leave the track, but as I increased speed, I realized I couldn’t leave if I wanted. I caught Kendall, following her down as she was a little nervous.


Then I let the kids go a few more times themselves, and they had a good time. On their last run, apparently a squirrel or chipmunk got on the track and got hit. Kendall was a touch sad, but she told me it was barely moving when she came on it and couldn’t do anything but run it over.

Quite the farm girl.

That was our day, and we headed home. It took a long time, we hit some traffic and everyone was tired as we got to Denver, so we came home, skipping Scouts and karate to take it easy.

A good summer trip for us.

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