Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to Scouts

We made a Scout meeting for the first time in about 4 weeks tonight. Life has been busy, there have been some other activities, and so we haven’t been going much. Tonight we headed out, dropping Delaney off while Kendall and I went school supply shopping.

We got back and the boys were working on the Pathfinding merit badge, one of 4 that was “unretired” for this year only, the 100 year anniversary of scouting. They are trying to work on a few others, and Delaney was interested in them. I need to find some time and try to set up the Carpentry one, as I think that’s a fun one to do.

We also signed Delaney up for a merit badge college tonight that will take place in November. We’re busy, and pulling back a little from scouts as he closes in on his black belt, but we don’t want to stop, so we’re taking advantage of some events to try and keep him moving forward.

Now if I can just get him to identify some plants.

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