Friday, September 11, 2015

Two Sick Kids

Delaney said he struggled at practice yesterday. He was tired and feeling a bit ill. We got stuff for dinner and I made enchiladas. Kendall came down to get some and still looked sick, so I was pretty sure she wasn't going to school today. Delaney was feeling worse after dinner, started to do homework, and took medicine, but we sent him to bed.

At least I got him to send out his Eagle project plan to the district. Moving forward slowly.

I was right. She woke at 6 with her alarm and sent a text to me. I went back to sleep and then was struggling to get up at 6:45 and went I went to see D, he looked OK, but run down. He said his nose was bothering him and wanted to sleep, so I let him.

A cold is going around. Tia's feeling a bit sick too, but she headed off to work. I'm OK, but worried with everyone else sick that I'm going to try to fight this off.

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