Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Yesterday was the first time I got to see one of Kendall's JV matches. I was at Delaney's meet last week on Tues and out of town Thur. With Tia camping, I got a ride for Delaney and then headed up to Fort Lupton yesterday afternoon.

I got there early, sitting in the stands with my laptop, working as I watched the D team win 2/3. They're bad, and almost worse than middle school without Kendall playing. However some of the girls are improving.

Kendall's match was second. She walked over with the other setter as captains for the team. Kendall is the only freshman among sophomores, but they voted her captain. She's clearly the best player there, and it's near to see.

Warmups went well, with good sets from Kendall. When the other girl took over, there's a definite dropoff.

 The girls don't get announced at the JV level, but they line up and shake hands, with the rest of the teams along the side to slap hands.

 The first set went quick. Kendall started as setter, getting some good ones out to the girls, who hit well. The other team could return serves, but not many spikes. Overall they were outmatched, and we won 25-13. Six or seven of the points for Fort Lupton were bad serves from us, including one in the net from Kendall

 When she wasn't setting, Kendall had a couple great saves, diving to get a ball up in the air. She also slammed a spike down on an errant pass from the other team that just got over the net, and Kendall timed it beautifully for a point.

The second match wasn't much better, 24-14, with a few more mistakes as most of our B team came in to play. Kendall still handled most setting and things were over quick.

While varsity was warming up, Kendall went to talk to their coach, who likes her. We'd talked with her club coach, who told her to offer to help the team however she can. He loved that as a high school coach, so she did. The varsity coach said she'd get Kendall more time with the varsity in practice, so we'll see if she can get in games, maybe as defense. She's certainly as good as a few of their defenders.

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