Tuesday, September 15, 2015

School Board

Last night we went to watch the end of Kendall's practice and as we pulled up, my alarm went off notifying me of  the school board meeting. I had planned on going, but it meant getting Kendall, going home and then heading back.

We saw her playing, doing well, but obviously tired and still fighting illness. We got done and headed home. I'd cooked some chicken at lunch and gotten things ready, which was good as I could assemble dinner right away and then head back out.

The meeting was small, only 4 parents, with a few updates from the district. A few projects, which I can't decide if I think are good or bad ideas. I did see one interesting thing which was podcasting some of the information from the meetings.

I said my peace, which was promoting the rodeo and asking that the board consider moving graduation since there are some sports tournaments that day. No response, but that's the way it goes.

I did chat with one of the members later, going back and forth on a few items. At some point he said I should run. It's something I thought about, but it's a big commitment. We'll see. Maybe at some point.

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