Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Book #59 - Make Me

The latest from Lee Child starring Jack Reacher, Make Me is an interesting story. In this one we have Reacher arriving in Mother’s Rest, a tiny town north of Oklahoma City. He notices a lady waiting for someone at the tiny train station. Later they meet and he learns she’s ex-FBI, a PI that’s looking for a fellow investigator that called her. He appears to have disappeared, but we know he’s been killed from the opening chapter.

The book is really a strange investigation as Reacher and Chang (the PI) search for clues as to what happened and what’s worth protecting with multiple people involved in the town that run them off. It follows a predictable Reacher script, but it also shows his age. Reacher gets hit a few times early and he’s struggling with a concussion throughout the book.

It’s also a view at the incredibly sick people that live in the world. I hope this was completely made up, but it’s probably not.

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