Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sick Girl

:(, Kendall isn't feeling well. She's home from school after being basically knocked down all weekend. She spent the night with a friend Friday and went to the football game, but apparently wasn't feeling well. A cold of some sort. She texted while we were at Delaney's meet and said she was going home to sleep.

We got back and she was OK, but definitely sick.  Sunday she didn't do much until the late afternoon when she and I went to a movie. We saw Ricki and the Flash, which was OK. Good, but predictable. An enjoyable night before Kendall went to sleep.

Monday she stayed in most of the day before she spent an hour outside crushing the family in Boccie ball.

She had a private lesson last night, but it was a slow one. She was working hard, and sweating, even though she moved slow and mostly just worked on technique.

This morning she sounded bad, so we had her stay home. Hopefully she'll feel better soon.

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