Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Book #65 - A Small Colonial War

The third Warspite book. A Small Colonial War picks up where the last one ends, with India gambling. They move their super carrier into the Pegasus system, taking over the small colony on the moon the Warspite helped set up. With Britian battered after the war, India makes a move to be recognized as a great power.

While India establishes itself, the British fleet readies a task force, including Warspite, to try and dislodge them. We see the preparations, and the writing really shows the agony of war. There's a long build up, a slow movement, where Warspite spies and gathers information, slowly building to a battle.

This one was more enjoyable, and covers lots of the issues of trying to avert war between countries, and lots of the political maneuvering. We have the characters from previous books growing and maturing, and it's a good read. I hope more books come from this series, even if it evolves into new plotlines.

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