Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Book #61 - Running Blind

Another re-read. Running Blind is the second of two books with Jodie Garber. In this one, Reacher owns a house, and he starts the book intervening with some tough kids in NYC that are asking a new restaurant to pay protection. Reacher doesn't like that and takes them out.

However he's seen and arrested by the FBI, them claiming he's involved with a mob. They also think he might be involved in a series of serial murders, with some of the FBI Behaviorial Science people having built a profile that fits Reacher.

He thinks they're wrong, and convinces them, but they lean on him to help. With a threat against Jodie, he helps them, reluctantly, with their murders where no one can determine the cause of death. As the investigation proceeds, we see the introspective Reacher, thinking about life, about settling down, and the anxiety it causes him.

IT's quite a ride, one of my favorite Reacher books, and a good one to read after Tripwire.

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