Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2015 Book #58 - Warspite

I actually got this one when looking for some new sci fi and realized I couldn't remember what happened in book 3, so I re-read that. When that ended, with the Ark Royal destroyed, I wondered where the series would go.

Warspite is a new ship. Not a huge carrier, but not a stealth ship. A compromise after the bombardment of Earth. The captain is a young man that survived the war and has an untested XO as they head out to explore and ensure that colonies that have dropped out of site are OK.

We have some characters from the first book, notably Percy, son of the hero pilot Kurt. He's a Marine, on board to help. The ship struggles to get going as it escorts a colony ship out, and discovers problems with other colonies after disasters.

It's a slow moving book, not great writing, but one that was fun. It even ends with an interesting twist as renegade Russians have discovered another race of aliens. The ending was enough to hook me and get me to grab book #5.

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