Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Book #64 - A Savage War of Peace,480_.jpg

The Ark Royal series, really the Warspite series, continues in a Savage War of Peace. There are really two stories going on here. The first is Percy Schnieder, left alone on the alien planet, trying to survive. The second is Warspite, having returned to Earth, is sent back o the Vesy system in hopes that they can broker some sort of agreement with other nations to leave Vesy alone. They depart after six months, with an ambassador.

The book is really an international relations story. Certainly this is set in a sci fi era, with space ships and future technology, but various nations are trying to gain control and build alliances with the aliens. The Indians especially have a plan to set up their own base and try to create a treaty, happy to give away weapons.

We see the ambassadors struggling, mostly the British as they try to out maneuver the Indians, but they're struggling. Eventually the base is overrun by aliens and they must retreat, with the Indians firmly in control of the planet thanks to their treaty. The book ends unfinished, and I was looking forward to the next one immediately.

It's not great writing, but it is enjoyable.

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