Monday, September 21, 2015

Hard Hits for K

I tried to spend most of yesterday relaxing and continuing to recover from my cold. I lay in bed, sipping coffee and watching football most of the morning and early afternoon before getting up to help Tia change her wipers and air filter in the truck. She was packing for a 3 day camping trip, and needed help.

Since I was up, I decided to wash my car as it's been dirty. I spent about an hour cleaning it before Kendall came out for her private lesson. We headed down to Rocky Select, where I warmed up with her a bit, getting the chance to move a bit more than usual, chasing balls. That was fun, and when she started her lesson, I watched, listening to the coach and watching for changes. I didn't have the iPad yesterday, and didn't record video, but she looked much better. Better control, squaring up nicely, and hitting the ball evenly most times with both hands.

Setting is an interesting, and complex position. Kendall is getting better, but lacks consistency. It will be interesting to see what happens in the season over the winter. Right now she's a rock star with the JV team, but not sure how well she compares with Varsity, or her main club setter. However she's getting better and the coach said she doesn't need to keep coming. She knows what to do and just needs touches. Kendall really enjoys the lessons, and we'll keep investing in her.

Afterwards we drove home, where I had 20 or 30 bugs splattering on my newly cleaned windshield. I spent 10 minutes recleaning it before heading out to the barn with Tia and fixing her hay wagon by removing the lag screws and using bolts to reattach the sides. We'll see if that holds up better.

Still a touch sick, but much better. As hard as it was to sit in bed and not do anything, I'm glad I spent the time doing it.

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