Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Volleyball Camp - Lewis-Palmer

This is a hectic week. Kendall has a four day mini-camp down at Lewis-Palmer high school in Monument. The high school coach tapped her to play with the junior varsity girls, and so she's got matches from 12-4 each of the first four days this week.

I went down Monday with her and watched her play 6 matches, with only 1 break. Because it's a busy schedule, and really designed to get girls touches on the ball and not so much for competition, they play timed matches. 30 minutes, and that's it. Five minutes between matches, and they keep moving.

Kendall went down with me and played three in a row. Every point as setter. She was one of two girls doing that, and they were working hard. Here you can see her calling the serve to a specific spot.
I was proud of her. She worked hard, and stayed in the game, even though some of the girls aren't very good. I suspect a few of them might not make the JV team this fall. The coach really wanted to fill out teams and sent three groups. There's a varsity group with 9 girls. This one with 11, and then a lower level group as well.

Kendall does a good job setting, and she's getting better. Her outsides are good, and her back sets were in good spots for the hitters. She's also a great defensive player, getting to some balls that other girls watch.

Her serving was good as well. They ended up playing 12 sets, winning 4. However I think they were competitive in 4-6 more and could have won if we had a few more girls that could serve. And play defense. We certainly need some help passing.

At the end of the day, only one team really outclassed them, and that was the school that won the state 5A championship last year, so we expect their JV team to be pretty good. A long day, fun, but hard, and apparently a long day today with 6 matches in a row. Their break was the first session, so Kendall had to come out in a few games to get some rest.

Another couple of days and then a few days off for Kendall before things pick up again next week.