Monday, August 17, 2015


Last night while we were at Kendall's volleyball lesson, Delaney called. He said he'd fallen off the ATV and hurt his arm. That's not a good call for a parent, and immediately I started to worry. He said he was OK, but the arm hurt and he wanted some pain reliever. Since he could move the hand, I didn't panic, told him where to get some medicine and said to ice it. He'd called Tia as well and we debated, deciding to let him sit for 20 minutes and see. We were 45 minutes away, and with one car. We'd both have to come back for one of us to take him to the doctor and one to go get Kendall.

He seemed better, so we finished Kendall's lesson and then headed home. We found him lying in bed, and going OK. In some pain, but with ice and Naproxin in him, he was doing OK. We decided to take him in this morning.

So that was my morning. After getting a little work done, I drove Delaney to an eye appointment (worse, but not horrible) where he got new glasses. We then hit the urgent care for an x-ray. No break that they see, but the doctor said to baby it a bit and see how it goes. Some minor swelling, but probably just bruised.

That was a relief, though either way, it would just be a bump in the road for Delaney. At least this way he can continue to run.

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