Monday, August 31, 2015

The Final Game of the Season

It was the last scheduled game of our season yesterday. I was looking forward to it and hoping to enjoy it. I wasn't sure if we'd play again this year, or if I'd play again at all. The injuries and time have me questioning this, but I had two runs this week and felt good. I had a great game, my best of the year, to end things and that really made me want to play again next year.

I started on the bench. Our coach really wanted to win and went with what he thinks is a stronger field. I'd argue since he picked a guy for first that I think is better in some ways, but with a sore groin, I'm not sure that's a better choice. However I was batting, albeit last. No worries, but if I'm not playing the field, I want to hit.

We gave up one in the first, no score for us. I didn't come up until the third, facing a team, and a pitcher, that I started playing with 9 years ago. I let one go to see how he'd throw and it was down the middle, up a bit, but fast. I was thinking curve, as I've seen a lot from him, but no go. The next one came in, and I had started to step early. I think I've been stepping late, and that's been an issue. Here I drove a hard liner into right center, despite the shortstop being over behind second for a double.

That drove in a run and started a mini rally.

In the third I went out to first and player, nothing big. In the fourth I played 2/3 of an inning, but our pitcher fell apart. With few choices, we switched pitchers, moved me to right, and brought a semi-injured guy over to first. It made sense since at least I can cover ground, which isn't needed at first. We got out, but gave up some runs.

I came up again, this time getting down 1-2 before I drove another double into right. They had 6 guys over on that side, but I threaded a needle and hit one hard. High, but hard to play and it was a good one for me. No scores, but I felt good. My next at bat was a high, hard one deep, but this time the right fielder made the catch next the foul line, close to the fence. I don't know why I kept getting balls in and not outside, but I did.

The last time up I swung easier and dropped a single in front of the right fielder, behind the second baseman, avoiding being caught by the switch. We had a rally that inning to go up 8-7 on an error by the shortstop. We added a run in the 8th on a nice play with a slow steal that let a guy steal home. It seemed like we were good, but we weren't.

In the 9th, our pitcher fell apart. He just couldn't throw and walked two and gave up a couple hits to load the bases. We switched back to the first pitcher and he got an out, but then gave up a single to let them win.

A great game, and I think we're still in the playoffs, but we'll see. Exciting and fun, and a good way to go out if that's it for me. I felt good, ran well, even jumped and almost got a liner over first.

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