Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ikea Girl

Last night after volleyball, Kendall came home and started homework. I was going outside to work on the generator and as I left, she asked if we could put her desk together if she finished her homework. I said yes and went outside to work on replacing the generator cord. I got it replaced, but couldn't start it.

When I came in, Kendall was almost done and I decided it was time to get moving. I pulled in one of her bases and opened it. She finished work and joined me. Together we worked on assembling the basic box. She watched quite a bit, mostly getting parts at first, but I gave her the screwdriver and hammer and had her do some work.

At first she wasn't sure she could, but she soon realized she was capable of figuring things out. In fact, once I started getting drawers together, she took them, with instructions, and started to figure out out how to attach them inside.

As you can see, Oscar wasn't much help.

We finished one around 9:30 and I was tired, but since I leave town today, I decided to just press on and do the next one. With her helping, we managed to get it done quicker. After 10, tired, I carried things upstairs and we put it together in her room. She still needs to clean up downstairs and also attach the other drawers, but it looks good.

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