Thursday, August 20, 2015

Book #54 - Battle Cruiser

Another Larson book. I really enjoy him, and I hope he turns Battle Cruiser into a series.

In this one, a rich kid is a part of the space navy, patrolling. He intercepts a smuggler, but can't find anything. He's still worried, but his boss orders him down to Earth, as his politician father has requested he attend an event. He does, but when his father is almost assassinated, he springs into action and starts investigating. That's not warranted, so he's sent patrolling out near Jupiter.

There he finds an anomaly, a comet or asteroid that's strange. When he investigates with his crew, the find it to be an alien battle cruiser. They escape into it when his former boss comes and blasts his ship without warning.

From there we find out there are two former human races that have gotten back to our solar system. Years ago Earth sent out colonies, but a solar flare wiped out our wormholes and we've been cut off. However our colonists have evolved and continued to grow. They have come back, one race exploring, one that have become cyborgs bent on taking over Earth.

We have the beginnings of battles, but the story ends. This looks like a good one that I'd like to see expanded.

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