Friday, August 7, 2015

Volleyball Week

It was a long week of volleyball by the end of Thursday. Kendall was down there for 4 hours M-W, playing 6 matches each day at Lewis-Palmer high school. Thursday was bracket play, and they lost all three matches to end a bit early. They were seeded 6th of 7 teams, and that was about right.

Each day the team seemed to do better, until Thursday. While they were competitive, they really didn't play that well together and got cranky.

Monday and Tuesday, Kendall played every point. Every set, every match. She was tired. Wednesday she came out briefly and a bit at the end of Thursday at well.

The team has a long way to go, but certainly some good things to see as well. Kendall enjoyed setting, which was a new experience for her this summer.

It's hard to know if all of these girls will make JV. I suspect a few will be on the C team, and there will be a few others that come out next week at tryouts.

We also watched the varsity team a bit and while Kendall might be able to play, she'd be a weaker player and likely sit a lot. I think JV will be a good fit for her this year.

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