Sunday, August 9, 2015

A long game

A hot, long baseball game today. Only 10 people, including only one pitcher, so I spent the game at first base. It was OK for me. Made a couple plays, missed  a few on really bad throws that I couldn't reach and didn't pick up a short throw from the catcher. I stretched, but it landed in front of my glove and I couldn't snag it.

At the plate I wasn't better. A good hard foul at first, but fooled a bit on an outside pitch where I pulled my head. Get caught again on a high one, a late swing the second time. The third time I drove one to right that landed in front of the fielder and the grounded to second to go 1-4. All in all, a par performance for me. Not bad, not great.

A long game, in the hot sun. We lost 11-1, just not really hitting and when out pitcher got tired, that was it. We also made a few errors, bad throws to me, that kept innings going.

Still, didn't get hurt, which is always nice.

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